About Us

NOAHS ARC was founded in 2006 while a beloved pet was suffering from the ill effects of heart disease.  Was this suffering necessary?  Was there something that could have been done to prevent this?  What can I do now to make this situation better for my pet?  All these questions and many more were asked.  While some answers came, many were left to be mulled over.  NOAHS ARC was born out of the need for better options to be readily available in order to help pet owners and animals manage and recover from illness.   NOAHS ARC is here to help lessen the suffering of animals during degenerative illnesses as well as funding veterinary research to help find cures or better methods for treating many of these illnesses.



The mission of NOAHS ARC is to educate pet owners on the proper care of animals, the advancement of veterinary medical research, animal advocacy, and rehabilitation through conventional and holistic/ alternative therapies. We aim to educate pet owners/ care givers that are currently managing the care and or recovery of their animals by providing support, information and access to the best care available. NOAHS ARC promotes understanding and respect for animal’s basic needs and health issues through advocacy, education and providing grants to veterinary clinics, individual pet owners and animal rescue centers.


  • Provide funding towards research to further advance veterinary medicine in both the field of heart disease and cancer
  • Build a veterinary and rehabilitation center focusing on treating the animal as a whole being, providing the best quality of life for animals suffering from degenerative diseases and offer advanced rehabilitation therapies
  • Maintain an “open-door” policy to animals from around the country who seek a safe-haven unlike any other to live out their lives in the best possible environment


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