Friends of NOAHS ARC

Stephanie Mastroianni, Director

“My intention is to make more advanced medical treatment available to general veterinary practices.  I will be truly fulfilled when we go even further and develop cures for the two most common fatalities in canines and felines; cancer and heart disease.”



George Kramer, VMD

“The most significant obstacle is that for the vast majority of the cases we are treating symptoms and trying to slow progression of the disease rather than curing it.  Ultrasound (echocardiography) is one of the most important tools.  Many general practices do not have the equipment in house due to the cost of the machines and the expertise required to use them.


Erica Henesy, Holistic Veterinary Practitioner

“It is essential, especially with all that we have learned and know  today with holistic health, that we operate in a preventive manor.  We treat the whole being, not just the symptoms that occur and we start as early as puppy hood.  Beginning a holistic regimen that consists of nutrition, exercise and psychological well-being promote quality health and longevity – who doesn’t want more time with their four-legged beast friend?  These are the steps we can take.”


Beth Reichart Heim, Treasurer

Heather was the animal equivalent of my best friend.  From the moment I laid eyes on her in 1987, I knew instantly we would be closer than I would ever understand.  My premonition was realized.  By the time 1998 had rolled around, Heather was showing signs of illness.  She was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and her vet did not recommend surgery due to her age.  Had I been better informed, I would have realized that Heather had a fighting chance and a few good years left.  I wish I had followed my heart and convinced my parents to operate.  Unfortunately, they did not see it as I did and a few months later, as Heathers condition progressively worsened, she was euthanized. As my “doggie” best friend, why would I do anything less for her than I would for my “human” best friend. Well, now I know that given a second chance, I would.  I am here to let people know that it’s OK to give of yourself to your animals the way you would toward your family or friends.  This is why I am part of NOAHS ARC.  Your wallet should never stop you from caring for your beloved.